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Meet Darcey, the heart and soul behind Wild Bloom Floral Design. Guided by "Momma Sue," a seasoned horticulturist in her early days, Darcey developed a profound connection with flowers. For her, each branch, stem and petal is as one of a kind as your wedding.

Darcey believes that different blooms carry unique meanings, and that the right flower can answer any situation. She weaves the natural allure of the West Coast into every creation. Fresh cut Dahlias transform into elegant corsages, foliage and leaves become centrepieces, and peonies form your perfect bridal bouquet.

The past seven years with Wild Bloom Floral Design have been a journey of honing my craft and crafting dreams in Tofino. With over a thousand weddings under the canopy of the West Coast, each celebration has been a unique tale told through blooms. Each wedding reflected the essence of love and the magic of Tofino's breathtaking landscapes.

Wild Bloom is more than a wedding florist. We're a reflection of Darcey's dedication to the art of floral design and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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